FOX Misses Game-Ending Pickoff; Shows Cute Fan Instead

If you’ve ever watched a playoff game on FOX, you’re familiar with their overwhelming desire to show the most anxious fans throughout the last few innings of a tight game. Game Four on Sunday night was no different, but this time it cost the broadcast as they missed the final play in real-time.



  1. Obviously she was planted by the Red Sox to distract the runner, and the TV crew.

  2. This kind of thing is very, very typical for baseball broadcasts on Fox as well as Root Sports. These guys could not catch a live pick off play at first base with 10 minutes notice. Their broadcasts are more of a variety show than sports broadcast. Show snippets of the game in between interviews of random players standing around whose comments add zero to the broadcast and crowd shots, mostly of young girls. Shameful, bush league direction from the truck. I do have one question though. Is McCarver paid by the word?

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